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Perfect "Auntie" Characteristics Gift On Mother's Day Custom Message Card Necklace HN

Perfect "Auntie" Characteristics Gift On Mother's Day Custom Message Card Necklace HN


Are you looking for a special gift for your beloved someone? Do you wanna make your anniversary even more memorable?
This necklace is quintessential for both important occasions and everyday wear.
The necklace also doubles up as a custom message card, which will make your gift extra personal and unique. Imagine the look on your loved one’s face when they open up this thoughtful gift!


- MULTI FUNCTIONS: This necklace is suitable to wear on any occasion. An elegant style that fits all her outfits.
- UNIQUE DESIGN: Give your loved one this meaningful necklace with a custom message like no other. A personalized card with quotes or wishes is also included with the necklace.
- MATERIAL: Stainless steel with 14K White Gold or 18K Gold plated depending on the style that you chose, giving the necklace a shining appearance. Depending on the style, there is a sparkling crystal piece which is so eye-catching.
- EASY CARE: Keep it separate from your other jewelry pieces and store it in a soft-lined box and away from chlorine, perfumes or body lotions. To clean the necklace, mix a little bit of soap with warm water (ideally bottled water). Make sure that the soap added does not contain chlorine or other harsh detergents. Soak the necklace piece in this solution for a couple of minutes, then take it out and rub it gently with a lint-free cloth or a necklace brush. Rinse it thoroughly and immediately dry it using a microfiber cloth.


  • Length: 18" to 22" (45 cm to 55 cm) adjustable cable chain necklace.
  • Lobster clasp attachment.
  • Boxes (Standard Box or Mahogany Style Luxury Box) with a message card included.
  • Standard Box: 3.1"x3.1"x1.2" (8x8x3 cm); Mahogany Style Luxury Box: 3.9"x3.9"x1.6" (10x10x4 cm), made of wood with a small LED light installed inside, which can emit white light when opening, making the jewelry even more dazzling.


  • Production Time: 3 – 5 business days
  • Shipping Time (calculated from the date that it is shipped out, not the date the order is placed):
    • US: 5 – 7 business days
    • Others: 7 – 20 business days